Has An Android Game Ever Asked Your Character To Come Out As a Homosexual?

This Android Game Wants My Character To Come Out As a Homosexual  


Who else has experienced this while playing Wrestling Revolution 3D? 

I was playing the game last night when what could be compared to real life event happened.


My character was signed by All American Wrestling for some months but the contract was suddenly terminated because they wanted to pay less than what was in the agreement.


This made my character to go back to wrestling school. Those who have played the game will understand. Wrestling school is your only option when your character’s contract expires and the company do not want to renew or when your contract is terminated.


Back in wrestling school, the coach gave my character four weeks to get signed by another company or they will throw him out.


This means game over.


You will have to create a new character and start again from wrestling school.

One week to the expiration of the ultimatum, my character got an offer from United Kingdom Wrestling and the pay was thrice what All American Wrestling paid.


Now this is where the drama happened. My Character was offered an opportunity to contest for a belt(the first time since I started playing the game).


The match is scheduled to take place in two weeks time but before then, I was invited to a meeting with the manager of United Kingdom Wrestling.


There at the meeting, the man asked a question that I have never come across in any game that I have played so far.




“Have You Ever Considered Coming Out As a Homosexual?? 


I didn’t consider it a big deal because I knew that I will be given two options.

To accept or To Refuse but What I got when I refused is even more shocking.



That’s it.

“If You have got a problem with Homosexuals then you should probably stay away from this business” 


This means going back to wrestling school and if I fail to get signed by another company then the game is over and everything will be lost.


I know that this is just a game but just imagine this happening to a star in real life.


Of course s/he will accept the offer because of the money and fame that comes with winning a tittle then s/he will come out and say or write something that touches the heart about homosexuals.

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