Is Facebook Sending Out Friend Requests On My Behalf?

OK, I have heard a lot people ask the above question and to be honest, it does feel like Facebook is sending out fake friend request because I have received friend request from people who I don’t know and can’t remember sending anything to them to.

So who is sending those friend requests? My best bet is Apps, third-party apps that you gave access to certain informations on your profile.

I would like to ask you, my reader one question before proceeding.

Did you in the past log into your Facebook account from someone Else’s Android phone, Blackberry, Computer, IPhone or any gadget at all?

If you did then you probably have synced their contacts with your account unknowingly. As a result friend requests have been sent out on behalf of you to the contacts on that phone.

Also, Facebook has a feature that automatically sync your call history. This, if enabled will continually upload your call history to Facebook, this will enable an app that have necessary privileges to send friend requests to them and remember that you do receive calls from people you don’t know personally.

How Stop Facebook From Sending Friend Requests On Your Behalf

There is no simple method to stop this since Facebook is yet to accept that they send out friend requests so the best we can do is to toggle the settings.

1.Change what apps can access.

Login to your account.
Go to settings>Accounts settings> Apps and click on apps others use.
It’s explained here

Facebook sending friend request stop

In the menu that will open, unpick information that you don’t apps that are connected to your account to access and save.

2Remove Malicious Apps

After doing number one, close the window and look for logged in with Facebook on settings>Accounts settings> Apps. How stop Facebook sending requests

Click on it and remove all the malicious apps that you don’t trust.

3. Change your password.

After successfully changing your password, Facebook will ask if you wish to be logged out from other devices/Apps. Agree and follow the steps. Once completed, you will be logged out from other places.

4. Delete Send Friend Requests

Go to your requests.
Look for sent friend requests.
Delete those that weren’t sent by you.

If this did not work then I think your cause is likely a virus or bug from Facebook that they’re yet to find a fix.

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