Apple iPhone X: High Price, New Technology and Exceptional Features You Need To Know.

Apple has unveiled iPhone X with an overdue design overhaul that looks great. The brand new iPhone X that’s pronounced “ten,” not “ex” is the first of its kind from Apple. It came with unique features and a 5.8-inch OLED with a unique technology that Apple claims will make colors absolutely pop.

The phone was unveiled alongside two other flagship smartphones from Apple; IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus . The three of them supports wireless charging and are encased in all Glass body.

Now let’s talk about the unique features of iPhone x aka iPhone 10.

1. The iPhone X is Apple’s only new device to nab optical image stabilization for both rear 12-megapixel camera lenses

2. It’s the first to offer Face ID as a new way to securely unlock the phone and pay in the check-out line. Does this mean that someone can unlock your phone using your picture? No way.

Apple says that won’t happen because it made masks to train the phones to distinguish you from your photo and even your twin. It will work with third-party apps, too.

3. It’s also the first iPhone to completely do away with the iconic Apple home button. With the addition of this near-full-face display, we lose the home button completely and Touch ID with it. That means you can no longer log in with your fingerprint; instead, you use your face and a swiping gesture.

IPhone x

4. It is Apple’s first near benzeless device. The phone has a 5.8-inch OLED screen, which fills the entire front of the device. Recording an impressive 83% screen to body ratio.

IPhone x features

5. The phone launched with a new iMessage app called animoji. Animoji uses Face ID to make emojis out of you. The new feature taps into Face ID to lend popular emojis your expressions in a message. Currently, there’s a cat, a panda, a unicorn, a fox, a monkey, a pig, an alien, a dog, a rabbit, a rooster, a robot and poop.

Animoji picture from redmondpie

6. To buy things online using apple pay, just tap the side button twice to launch Face ID for Apple Pay.

7. Multi-tasking without home button is weird but still available. It’s still there. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then continue to hold while swiping left or right to switch apps.

8. Other home button functions have been moved around. For example you can take a screenshot by holding the power button and the volume button simultaneously; previously, it was the power button and the home button.

A lot of things were changed and it will take time for fans to get used to it.

Now let’s talk about the price.

The iPhone X ain’t cheap. It starts at $999, £999 in the UK and AU$1,579 in Australia. The 256GB version costs $1,149. Preorders begin Oct. 27, and the phone ships Nov. 3.

What’s your take? Is the device worth the price?

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