Certified Refurbished Apple Iphones Now Available On Jumia At Affordable Prices

Jumia has started listing certified refurbished Apple Iphones on their online store.

The company added the new product category in their website recently and it will be known as “Jumia Refurbished phones”

This feature will offer “Certified Refurbished” devices at incredibly low prices. For a start, the company has listed iOS devices at cheaper price, ships internationally.

Whether they will add more brands in the future is yet to be revealed but the good news is that you can now get certified refurbished Apple Iphones on Jumia at a very low price.

What is certified Refurbished Apple Iphones you might ask? It is an important question and I am going to clear you on that.

Many are going to confuse fairly used phones with certified Refurbished phones but the two are not the same.

So let me differentiate.

The Difference Between Fairly Used Phone And Jumia Refurbished Apple iPhone.

A refurbished phone or item is likely to have been used and either returned as used or returned as faulty. Such product will be returned to the manufacturer who will then diagnose and repair all faults.

This means that any product that is listed as refurbished will have undergone diagnostic testing, any faulty parts will have been replaced, everything will have received a thorough cleaning, and it will have been repackaged.

Jumia Certified Refurbished Apple Iphones

Fairly used on the other hand can be said to be “a phone or item which has been pre-owned, may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.” By that definition, the item should work as expected but could be scratched or have a damaged screen.

That is the difference between refurbished phones and fairly used phones.

What is your take on the Jumia certified Apple iPhones?

Will you consider buying it?

Meanwhile head over to Jumia to see the list of all available Jumia Certified Refurbished Apple Iphones .

I hope they add more brands soon.