Triangle: An App From Google That Makes It Easy To Save Mobile Data On The Go.

Triangle is Google's experimental app which controls which apps can use mobile data.

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Have you ever launched a newly installed app or game to do one or two things and before you could say Jack, your data is gone? 

If yes, then I have good news for you. 

Google has introduced an experimental app called Triangle that shows you which apps have been using your data, and lets you block them from using your data. 

This features comes standard in phones from Chinese brands like Xiaomi and I have always looked forward to the day it will come standard in all Android phones. 

Seems that day is near. 

Triangle was first spotted by the guys at Android Police  and it is available for Philippians only for now. 

Though not available in this part yet, one can easily download and install the app from Apk mirror

Launch after installation,   grant Triangle  the necessary permissions and it will  then monitor your data usage, and restrict apps from consuming mobile data. 

This will come handy in times when you might forget that your data is on  and happen to launch a data-hungry app just to kill time and it decides to kill your data instead.  It’s also great for preventing apps from consuming data in the background without your knowledge.

You know what's great about this app? You can also grant apps access to mobile data for 10 minutes or 30 minutes from a prompt that pops up when you launch an app.

Folks in Philippines can also earn rewards by installing promoted apps. Not convinced? Then head over to Play Store  to read more on the app

Please remember remember that Google is presently testing Triangle in the Philippines so it’s only available to users there from the Play store. Click Here to get it from apk mirror. 

Install and tell us what you think. 


I am currently testing its effect on my battery. It's important. 

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