AllCall Bro Unboxing and Review: The Most Affordable Dual Camera Smartphone.

AllCall Bro is a new super affordable entry level smartphone with premium looks and design, dual camera set up, decent battery and sharp finger print scanner.

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AllCall Bro Unboxing. 

I bet you haven't heard about this brand before?

Well, that's not a surprise because this is their first phone even though the company has been around for the past ten years. The company was founded by two brothers and I don't know if that's the reason behind the Bro in the phone's name or if it has to do with the dual rear camera.

Before I proceed with the review, lets take a look at what's in the box.

The phone arrived in wood themed box. Inside the box, you will see a blank AllCall Bro, charger, USB cable, sim ejector, and manual.

That's all.

The phone already has a screen protector installed but the type wasn't mentioned anywhere in the box or specifications.


AllCall Bro features a full metal unibody design using aviation aluminum alloy with 0.08mm advanced CNC Technology.

The front panel is covered with SHARP high contrast ration and color gamut, 5.0 inch HD screen with 2.5D glass. The display is good, sunlight readability is good and viewing angles are great.

Below the display is a Samsung like home button that's equipped with 0.2 seconds Front touching ID.

On the top left sits a 2mp front camera, the receiver is located in the center while the sensors and notifications light takes the right side.

The sim tray which takes two nano simcards or 1 simcard and microSD can be found on the left side of the phone and a power button and volume button are located on the left.

On the top rear of the AllCall Bro sits a dual 2+8mp camera and single flash.

The company's logo can be seen below the camera.

The earpiece port and charging port are located at the top of the phone while the speaker and mouthpiece can be found on the bottom.

Overall, the phone feels good in hand. This isn't surprising because it's all metal. The company took some design cues from Apple and what you get in the end is a beautifully crafted entry level smartphone that stands out in a crowd.


AllCall Bro have two lenses set in together and work together by combining dual lenses with two separate sensors.

The 8.0MP main camera captures static images while the 2.0MP subsidiary captures depth information, this gives you a better effect in photo contrast, photo brightness than single camera.

I am not a camera person but I took some shorts while I was at a mountain on Tuesday and I will let the samples speak for the phone. You be the judge.

The front camera is just a 2mp. It is manageable for video calls but there isn't much to do with it. 


AllCall Bro is powered by a quad-core MTK6580A SoC processor with a clock speed of 1.3GHZ.

It has a ARM MALI400 MP2 500MHz GPU.

This is supported by 1GB Ram and 16GB Rom.

Apps run smoothly on the phone. Multitasking is ok depending what you're running and how many apps you have on the background.

This is an entry level smartphone so don't expect if to run apps like a flagship, but honestly I noticed no lag or app crash since I started using it.

I am not much of a gamer so the only game that I have tested on the device is dream league 2017. It runs smoothly but the phone really struggles to show a caller if call comes in while I was playing the game.

Above all, apps have no issues at. I have installed over 30apps and email, Instagram, whatsapp, and some survey apps that I use are always on synce.

So I can say categorically that ram management is good but can be better. 


The phone came out of the box with Android 7.0 Nougat. Despite being a Chinese brand, it came loaded with all basic Android apps. So you get all the Android 7.0 features at incredible low price.

Coming to the battery. I was a bit skeptical about the battery when I saw the capacity but I know that Android Nougat is a good battery manager.

The company installed a 2400mah in the phone. This is small compared to today's standard but then this is a 5.inch 1280x780 display.

I recieved the phone and charged it to 100% before using it. Please note that it doesn't support charging. Though I haven't taken out time to check charging time but it didn't take much time to charge from 0-100%. Yea, it was completely drained when it got to me.

After charging, I used WiFi to download the apps I needed and then switch over to Mobile data. I did the entire setting up of phone and apps, email etc while on 3G. When light was restored around 9:40pm. I checked my battery usage before plugging it to charge and noticed that it has 5hrs screen on time and about 19% battery left.

Honestly, I didn't expect that. So the battery is impressive. 

What do you think of this phone? 

Thank you  AllCall Mobile  for this review unit. 

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